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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dr.Seuss Cupcakes

Adorable right? Wish I could take credit for the cute Dr. Seuss cupcake toppers, but I can't. The host of the baby shower made those. It was an adorable shower with lots of red and blue! Of course to match the color scheme, I made red velvet cupcakes with a tourqoise butter cream frosting!

And what do you think of my new cupcake stand? I made some cupcakes for a friend and this was her thank you to me! Seriously, so thoughtful and a great addition to my little collection of cake/cupcake stands!

Congrats to Cindy and Tim who are welcoming their first baby boy in just a few weeks!

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  1. Cupcakes are "in" right now, you can sell these things! Cute!