I finally decided to put all my cakes in one place so I created this blog--mostly for me to record my fondant cake decorating journey.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Niece's baptism cake

 I had a great time making this one for my niece's baptism celebration this past weekend!  

I think it was due to the fact that I did a lot of the work ahead of time so it didn't seem to take nearly as long as usual!  I also loved the colors we chose for this one--a nice pink and a turquoise/blueish color.  I loved the ribbon and the flower and everything else about it. 

I got my inspiration for this cake from this one--so adorable right?

Maybe one day I'll find the patience to create this entire thing!  Until then, I just get ideas from it, or should I say copy it exactly.  I am not gonna lie, I am a huge copy cat!  (Wish I knew where I even found this one in the first place so I could give credit to the person who created it.) 

Lessons learned from this one:  start a day ahead of time--makes life so much easier and makes it seem like it takes a lot less time and clean up!

Questions I have from this one:  How to get such a sharp edge on the rim of the cake, rather than a rounded edge...Hmmmm....anyone know any tricks?  

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