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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Baby Shower Cake--Twin Boys

Blue and brown were the colors for this adorable shower put on by a friend of mine, so doing a blue and brown polka dot cake just seemed perfect. I loved this cake. Might be one of my new faves! Maybe it's because of the trouble it caused me to get it done. Seriously the harder I work on these the more I love them. Ughhhh....let's just say I learned something KEY while doing this one. I am not sure why it took me so long to learn this. I made the entire top two- layered cake (only 6 inch round thankfully), very heavily frosted it with regular frosting, then covered it with the fondant that I so carefully died the right color and rolled out perfectly. I ever so gently laid it on the heavily frosted cake and within seconds I knew I was in trouble. The fondant got a huge crack in it and was just NOT working. I looked at my watch, realized I still had a good three hours before the shower, and threw it all in the garbage. I had to start from scratch. Oh man--what a waste of cake, fondant and most importantly time. Luckily I had a friend babysitting for me so I didn't neglect my son the entire day!

So what went wrong? I finally learned...I PUT WAY TOO MUCH FROSTING ON THE CAKE. It is called a crumb coat--not a "smother the cake with frosting" coat. So I now know, all you need is a very thin layer of frosting--who cares if it is completely covered--it's going to get covered up with fondant anyway. Duh. I guess I just always thought it would make the cake taste better since fondant isn't that great tasting. I guess with fondant it's all about the look, not how it tastes.

Well, yet another huge lesson. Since that day, covering cakes with fondant has been much easier! The end result was pretty close to perfect and thank heavens for those little brown circles that I get to use to cover up the few blemishes there were. You'd never know!

Have I mentioned I love making cakes!

Cutest decorations for the shower done by Audrey.

Don't you just love the cute pregnant Rebecca in the background? She looked amazing--skinnier than a bean pole with this basketball inside her. Seriously? Is it okay to say I hate people like her?!

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