I finally decided to put all my cakes in one place so I created this blog--mostly for me to record my fondant cake decorating journey.

Monday, February 22, 2010

My first Fondant Cake EVER!

A friend (Jocelyn Qualls) from my days of living in downtown Dallas, moved with her husband and little boy to New york for her husband to attend law school. I committed to bake something for her going away party, but had no idea at the time that I was going to attempt fondant--and black fondant at that. Little did I know that black was THE hardest color to get with fondant. Oh the innocence back then! The cake wasn't that great in my opinion, but it definitely got a lot of attention. There were so many blemishes and imperfections but overall, I think it turned out alright considering it was my first one EVER. I remember telling Todd how horrible it was and how embarrased I was to take it to a party. I was so close to throwing it out and just running to the store (even though the party was on a Sunday). I was so stressed and frustrated. It's a miracle that experience didn't ruin it for me. I guess it was the end result that was the most rewarding. Seriously, I think the things that are the hardest, that require the most time, lots of effort, frustration, and almost tears, are the things we cherish the most.

Covering my first cake ever! Phew--that was hard.

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