I finally decided to put all my cakes in one place so I created this blog--mostly for me to record my fondant cake decorating journey.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Nephew's Soccer Cake

Another fun cake--my first ever tiered cake. Did I ever learn a thing or two on this one though! Definitely made lots of mistakes and actually don't really enjoy looking at this one all that much. I do have to say though, that making those stripes and all those dots was really fun and seriously cute! That is my favorite part of fondant--that creative decorating part. Covering the cakes with the fondant is the dreadful part, but I am getting better with each cake I make!

I ran out of time before his birthday party so some things I had to do without (like a base covering under the soccer ball) and attaching the soccer ball onto the cake permanently (it was just stuck into the cake with a wooden dowel. The kids at the party loved that it could spin in a circle so maybe that was a good mistake! By the way, a little secret...that soccer ball was made out of styrofoam! Genius I might say. I do not think I would be very good at cutting cake into a ball like that. Oh just the thought stresses me out.

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